Weight Loss Project: Day One

After uploading the posts I drafted yesterday, I went on a good 8 mile jaunt. There was an issue with my primary app not tracking distance, which I only noticed about 2 miles in before switching over to the RunKeeper app. As I told myself I would yesterday, here’s the first of many progress updates. Time to make this finally happen. 


Height 5’ 10”
Goal Weight 165
Day # 1
Date: 09/01/2013
Neck  16.75
Chest 42.5
Upper Arm (Left) 12
Upper Arm (Right) 12
Waist 37.5
Abdomen 40.5
Hips 40
Upper Thigh (Left) 23
Upper Thigh (Right) 23
Calf (Left) 16
Calf (Right) 16
Total Inches 279.5
Total Inches Lost
Weight 199.9 lbs.
Weight Lost to Date
BMI 28.7
Change in BMI
Goal Distance 34.9 lbs.

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