Doin’ Stuff

Last update I made while I was sick over the weekend promised a run and a measurement log on Sunday. That obviously didn't end up happening, even though I really wanted it to. After forcing myself out of bed and into the office on Monday morning, I found myself feeling decent enough to get something done by way of exercise. I hit the streets and pushed myself to go further than I'd planned and clocked in over 5 miles, in addition to a light arm workout using two 25 lb dumbbells and a yoga session through an iPad app. Having been in a sedentary state for the past two and a half weeks, the two days after all of that were spent dealing with full-body muscle soreness.

This morning I woke up at 5 AM and went on a run before getting dressed for work and going into the office. I still felt some slight strain from Monday, but pushed through it. Felt good at the time, but once I got to work, I definitely paid for it. All day, my right knee and my left glute have been hitting me with sporadic shots of pain. I wish I had some epsom salts on hand to get in a good soak before going to sleep tonight.

So, I'm four days late on this update (and I'm placing fault for that on all the other things going on in life at the moment), but the important thing is that I've been getting the work that matters done. Starting back up after a prolonged period of inactivity is always a drag, since it takes my body time to acclimate. I'm eager to get it back to being capable of handling at least four 5+ mile runs per week. This excess body fat has got to go — I'm going to need to start investing money in new clothes in the not too distant future, and I don't want them to be the same size as the stuff already in my closet.